Lab Logistics Rebrands as BioTouch

Lab Logistics Management (the “Company” or BioTouch”) an Atlantic Street Capital portfolio company and a leading provider of outsourced medical supplies, kitting, and logistics services to the healthcare industry announced today it has consolidated and relaunched as BioTouch™. The new name, inspired by its comprehensive single-source healthcare logistics and kitting solutions platform, promotes its family of five brands under one name and reflects the Company’s ongoing commitment to helping its customers deliver improved patient care.

The Company innovated its new name, BioTouch, to better represent its values and value proposition to the marketplace: specifically, how the Company supports its hospitals, labs, and life sciences partners by providing a unique, tech-enabled solution for all their kitting and logistics needs. BioTouch customers can cut costs and improve patient care with a specialized partner that lets them “Handle it all with more care”™. BioTouch serves the largest life science organizations in North America — more than 800 hospitals, labs, and life sciences companies in the U.S. and customers with a presence  in 120 countries globally.

Ruth Abdulmassih, Chief Executive Officer of Lab Logistics, stated, “BioTouch is a unifying name that we are proud to launch into the marketplace.  The new name reflects our excitement as we look forward and advance our mission to personalize, connect, and improve the quality of patient care. Our new name unites our family of businesses and will allow us to streamline our processes so customers can focus on what they do best… delivering healthcare.”

Handle It All With More Care™

If you’re tired of working with multiple companies – one company for kitting, one for supply distribution, another for printing, and so on… we get it. That’s why BioTouch™ integrates these services to simplify, kitting, logistics, and delivery. 

We have decades of experience, our five integrated business units, The Allied Group, Hospital Couriers, Lab Logistics, Path-Tech, and Printcraft Press, offer a single-source solution combining all of that experience and expertise in the healthcare kitting, supply chain logistics, and printing industries. 

“Handle it all with more care” is an expression of the comprehensive nature of the solutions BioTouch provides through its products, courier services, and technology platform. BioTouch will “Handle it all with more care” with:

  • Broader capabilities from a single-source, international provider that brings an exemplary level of care to everything from kitting and printing to logistics and delivery;
  • Bigger insights with a streamlined solution that provides our customers with all the critical intel needed to create new efficiencies across their entire organization, and;
  • Better control with a kitting and logistics partner who understands our customers’ priorities and gives them more visibility through entire process.

About BioTouch™

BioTouch is how hospitals, labs, and life sciences organizations get a single, tech-enabled solution for all their kitting and logistics needs. They can cut costs and improve patient care with a partner that lets them handle it all with more care. Founded in 2018, BioTouch provides supplies, kitting and asset-light same day logistics solutions, exclusively focused on the medical laboratory and hospital industry, serving university health systems, independent laboratories, contract research organizations and national health systems. The company is noted for its leading technology and customized software that allows for real-time ordering and tracking of courier and specimen locations, and route optimization. BioTouch is based in Stamford, CT.

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