You can’t Control the Weather,
But You Can Control the Temperature.

Our goal is to provide a high-quality temperature-controlled experience and help eliminate temperature excursions. We use the best vacuum insulated panel (VIP) packaging, have a centralized pre-conditioning process, and use the latest technology to actively monitor your shipments. We understand that each temperature-controlled shipment needs to be executed flawlessly and that we need to be proactive in monitoring all shipments, because every patient or client matters.

BioTouch Patient Care

Our Temperature Control Service Offerings

Temperature Integrity

• Utilize the best VIP packaging on the market. (+96 hr)

• Carefully manage our preconditioning processes at a centralized Temperature Service Center.

• Activate alarms on every order to notify us when a shipment is approaching the upper or lower limits of the required temperature range.


• Deploy an easy-to-use portal to quickly place orders.

• Operate a dedicated fleet of more than 3,000 couriers solely focused on medical transportation at hospitals, physicians’ offices, and Integrated Delivery Networks.

• Proactively eliminate temperature excursions with timely communication and intercepting orders that are at risk.

Economic Value

• Leverage our daily carrier volumes of more than 6,000 medical kits transported each day.

• Create an economical service offering compared to a “white glove” courier option.

• Design dedicated networks of Temperature Control services customized to the specific needs of each client.

Features & Benefits

• Complete chain of custody from packaging, to transport, and return
• Visibility of each shipment using geo-location and temperature sensors
• High-quality packaging, preconditioned and proactively monitored at every step
• Dedicated couriers and operations
• Improved turnaround time with 24-hour placement of packaging once order is received

Temp Control Parameters

Cold Chain vs Temperature Control

Cold Chain

Cold Chain is an imprecise method of regulating temperature, using refrigerated or frozen gel packs to keep materials cooler. ​

• No Method of Control​
• Limited Sample Integrity


Temperature Control

Temperature Controlled (TC) uses a qualified packaging solution, which maintains a precise range of temperatures for a specific duration of time. ​

• Controlled Room Temperature: +15C to +25C​
• Refrigerated: +2C to +8C​
• Frozen: –15C to –25C ​
• Dry Ice: -60C ​
• Liquid Nitrogen: -150C​

Real-Time Tracking Technology

Our technology tracking solution provides real-time geolocation and temperature data of each package and is used by our operations to help eliminate temperature excursions and costly disruptions to our clients.

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