As a society with an abundance of options and choices in customization at our fingertips, we’ve become as picky as a toddler at mealtime. It’s no wonder we have come to expect customizable experiences, products, and services.

The same is true in the world of medical kitting.

Healthcare organizations and laboratories can order custom kits based on their needs or area of specialization. 

But first, let’s start with the basics.

What Is Medical Kitting?

Medical kitting is the process of combining multiple medical devices into a single package to create a medical kit. These kits can include items like saliva swabs, specimen collection devices, or biohazard bags.

Companies combine individual medical devices and package them together for hospitals, surgery centers, physician’s offices, healthcare agencies, and at-home use. Examples of medical kits that are assembled and packaged by businesses are first-aid kits, home healthcare products, food sensitivity test kits, antibody test kits, forensic evidence collection kits, and even DNA testing kits.

The Selection Process

When healthcare organizations are able to customize the medical kits they use, it creates greater efficiency and less waste. With custom medical kitting choices, you’re able to select the items best suited to your needs.

Medical Kits! Assemble!

Custom kits can be assembled manually, through semi-automation, or full automation.

  • Manual assembly — Medical assemblers follow specifications to create medical kits by hand.
  • Semi-automated assembly — Medical assemblers work together with machines to optimize the operating sequence where assembly by hand remains part of the process.
  • Automated assembly — A fully automated process with machines performing various processes.

Mechanical systems are typically designed to perform fixed repetitive motions, like the fixed sequences needed for assembling parts and products.

What Are Your Kitting Needs?

There are myriad kits available to the healthcare community — from trauma and surgical kits to DNA testing and specimen collection kits for forensic labs — all with the ability to be customized to your needs. 

BioTouch offers a complete line of standard and customizable kits and can bring your kit to life with your branding and messaging to create a visual impact in the markets you serve. Each kit is designed or developed for efficiency and visual impact. Contact us today to schedule a demo. 

About BioTouch

BioTouch is a single-source, international provider that brings a higher level of care to healthcare delivery, spanning medical kit and supply distribution, printing, logistics, temperature control, and last-mile services.

Our solutions help eliminate silos and give laboratories and hospitals all the critical intelligence needed to create new efficiencies across the entire organization, allowing you to focus on what you do best: patient care.

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