Featuring Sue Rovinski, Creative Services Manager of BioTouch

Creativity’s Impact on the Healthcare Logistics Industry

Featuring Sue Rovinski, Creative Services Manager of BioTouch

Healthcare organizations, laboratories, clinics, and startups in the healthcare industry may need marketing items, custom medical kits, and other products for their brand and operations. Having a brand partner to create these custom products saves companies time and money when they can turn to one source for everything, from DNA collection kits to annual reports.

We sat down with Sue Rovinski, Creative Services Manager at BioTouch, to learn more about the all-in-one solution BioTouch offers its healthcare logistics partners.

Hi, Sue! What’s your role as Creative Services Manager of BioTouch?

I manage a talented team of graphic designers, copy editors, product designers, and product manufacturers. A hospital, healthcare system, or startup in the healthcare industry may come to us to help conceptualize, design, and manufacture a product or its visual identity through product and promotional items. We also store those items for the client and strategically distribute them to their customers.

We do this on the life sciences side, too. We are instrumental in designing, manufacturing, and shipping medical kits for diagnostic testing and other tests.

We’ll come back around to the kits. What kind of print and promotional items?

We design everything from healthcare and hospital documentation, such as forms, stationery, and faculty guides, to ads, mailers, pop-up banner stands, tradeshow booths, and corporate promotional kits. We also handle annual reports, which can be hundreds of pages.

Will you give us an example?

Yes! I actually have an annual report here on my desk for a department within a nationally recognized healthcare system in New England. This healthcare system recently went through a major rebranding. We worked closely with their internal branding team in the redesign and now monitor those brand guidelines as we produce more of their marketing items. This report is an example, and it’s hundreds of pages. We also offer full-scale printing services, so material like this will be handled efficiently for quality control and timelines.

What kind of medical kits does your team design and produce? DNA testing kits?

DNA testing, diagnostic testing, and other tests. Kits that involve a mouth swab, nose swab, buccal swab, finger prick, urine sample, stool sample. Kits used for blood collection that screen for organ health, women’s health, and food sensitivity. Just to name a few.

A person taking items out of a medical kit.

What’s essential in the medical kit development process and kit management?

Form, fit, and function. We can design anything you want and make it visually appealing – but will the kit be easy to open, understand, and follow? How do we ensure the items within stay secure and that the test sample isn’t affected so you don’t have to redo the test? For instance, temperature can be crucial in a portable medical kit, and we actively address that in the designs and prototypes with our product engineers. You need the design and workflow to be effortless – receiving the kit, opening it, conducting the test, placing everything back in, sealing it up, and shipping it to the lab.

Infographic for Medical Kit development essentials.

Do your clients usually know what they want with their kit?

Our clients are often scientists who prefer to focus on the science while we focus on creating the design. We work closely with them to develop the vision with 3D renderings and then structurally with prototypes of what it could be. And we’re constantly studying it and refining it.

If a current client asks us to design another kit to add to their line of existing kits, the process is just as rigorous, and we make sure to implement a branding through-line in the design.

Along with kit design, do you also handle kit fulfillment?

Yes! BioTouch is a one-stop shop for kitting and fulfillment services, from concept to fulfillment, including warehousing, inventory, and returns management.

What goes into that?

We are an ISO 13485:2016 certified provider of printing, kitting, mailing, and fulfillment services. Our workflow is designed for the strict compliance and regulations demanded in our industries. Clients come to us for this, knowing we have the creativity and proven systems to maintain the highest product quality, stay cost-efficient, and deliver their products reliably.

What excites you today about BioTouch’s creative services?

The challenges. And knowing our team, who are highly experienced, gains more knowledge with each project. For example, eco-friendly kits are gaining traction. Some companies are moving toward one hundred percent recyclable or compostable components for their kits. How do we perfect the print on that kind of box (say it was the color brown)? For insulation, how do we incorporate environliners from recyclable material versus polystyrene? What’s a more efficient way to design a reusable box for inbound and outbound shipping? We’re playing a substantial role in driving these developments

Why choose BioTouch for your healthcare company’s creative services?

We make sure each client has a strategic, custom solution for their creative needs. A healthcare system may task us with rebranding all of its print and promotional items so its message and promise last long into the future. We’ll take care of it.

On the other end, a smaller startup company may have fewer resources but needs a kit for their customers. They will consider us an extension of their team as we focus on designing their unique, reliable test kit within their budget as they focus on the science. In that way, we have a small part in getting people kits that may help make their lives better.

Thanks, Sue.

Any time!

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BioTouch is a single-source, international provider that brings a higher level of care to healthcare delivery, spanning medical kit and supply distribution, printing, logistics, temperature-control, and last-mile services.

Our solutions help eliminate silos and give laboratories and hospitals all the critical intelligence needed to create new efficiencies across the entire organization, allowing you to focus on what you do best: patient care.

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