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The Allied Group and Titan Solutions

The Allied Group and Titlan Solutions provide a full suite of products and services to healthcare systems such as hospitals and laboratories all over the globe.

Products and services include:

Hospital Couriers provides medical transportation and logistics to the healthcare industry. We help acute-care facilities, physician networks, blood banks, pharmaceutical companies, laboratories, and clinics streamline operations and create an efficient, integrated system.

Lab Logistics Couriers:

  • Meet all necessary requirements in the proper handling and transportation of ambient, refrigerated, and frozen specimens.
  • Are compliant with OSHA, IATA, TSA and HIPAA regulations.
  • Are equipped with their own barcode scanners, GPS, mobile data/voice units, specimen transport coolers, spill kits, and identification badges.

Lab Logistics Dispatchers:

  • Provide on-site or centralized dedicated dispatchers assigned to your laboratory. This provides for a single point of contact for your day-to-day operational needs.
  • The dispatch team will become thoroughly familiar with your needs and the needs of your clients.

Account Managers:

  • Dedicated account managers who know and understand your business, your people, and your expectations. They are your single point of contact for any changes or expansion to your dedicated courier system.
  • Constant communication with your sales team to provide them with valuable client information.

Path-Tec offers innovative client supply, logistics, and technology solutions to help laboratories deliver the best patient care.

Path-Tec Products: We offer a comprehensive portfolio of client supplies to meet all of your branding, kitting, compliance, and transport needs. Our custom and medical kit development solutions will help you reduce cost, ensure proper specimen transportation, and maintain specimen integrity.

Path-Tec Logistics: We have the tools and the team to help you manage client supplies and specimen logistics. Our solutions along with our experienced logistics team provide the perfect combination to effectively navigate the challenges of supply and specimen tracking.

  • Dedicated logistics team to ensure supply and specimen delivery.
  • Real-time carrier and courier specimen tracking.
  • Consolidated logistics billing, auditing, and contract management.
  • Client supply distribution and order fulfillment.
  • Leverage web-based tools for real-time shipping and logistics management.
  • Lower supply and specimen transport costs.

Path-Tec Technology: We provide a web-based supply and specimen management platform, SpectraPath.

SpectraPath features:

  • Order distribution.
  • Web-based inventory management.
  • Specimen management.

Printcraft Press was founded in 1927 as a family business during a time when printing was considered a craft. More than 80 years later, Printcraft Press still embraces those same values — craftsmanship, quality, and service. Printcraft Press works as a team to create a quality product to serve their customers’ needs.