From pick up to delivery to data

Let our nationwide network of more than 3,000 dedicated couriers give you peace of mind. Our healthcare logistics experts will provide the critical support you need and our comprehensive logistics technology solutions will help you with even the most challenging supply chain requirements.

Courier, Carrier, and Freight Management

Consultative courier, carrier, and freight management solutions from industry experts.

  • Cost optimization and analysis of service requirements, fees, providers, and service levels.
  • Carrier selection that evaluates service, price, and coverage.
  • Control inbound supply costs and reporting.
  • Create and manage daily scheduled and on-demand pickups.
  • View and manage exception notices.
  • International coverage with setup and monitoring of harmonized codes, invoices, and customs letters.
BioTouch Courier Services

Courier Management Technology

Let our courier management technology drive your critical healthcare logistics and transport functions.
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  • Stay informed with courier scheduling, route management, and route optimization.
  • Real-time data capture and reporting.
  • Barcode scanning technology and GPS tracking.
  • Specimen reconciliation of inbound samples.
  • Custom manifest and volume expectation reports.
  • Seamless data integration with API connectivity.

Logistics Command Center

Optimize. Dispatch. Monitor. Manage. Reconcile. Relax.

Our Logistics Command Center proactively manages all local, national, and international pickups through delivery across all logistics channels.

  • Intelligent carrier and courier route analysis.
  • Dedicated on-call and scheduled management.
  • Real-time dashboards to improve service levels.
  • Proactive exception management.
  • Live tracking technology and reconciliation across all logistics channels.
  • Point Placard Program for real-time scanning, more reliable pickups, and easy tracking.