Single-Source Healthcare Supply Chain Solutions

In a world where the challenges of healthcare kitting and logistics constantly leave you guessing, take control of your healthcare logistics, supply chain, and medical device kitting needs to improve your patient care delivery.

Meet BioTouch™

Handle it all with more care ™

Meet BioTouch™

BioTouchTM is a single-source, international provider for all mission-critical kitting and logistics needs. We partner with a wide range of medical facilities and healthcare providers to bring a higher level of care to healthcare delivery.

Simply put, we handle it all with more care so you don’t have to.

What We Do

We simplify the processing of samples with intuitive tracking technology, dedicated drivers, world-class customer service, and industry-expert support.

Broader Capabilities

Broader Capabilities

We are your single-source, global provider handling it all, from kitting and printing to logistics and delivery.

Bigger Insights

Bigger Insights

Our unified solution eliminates silos and gives you the critical intel you need to create new efficiencies across your entire organization.

Better Control

Better Control

We are your kitting and logistics partner — we understand your priorities and give you more say over the entire process.

Services & Solutions

We provide single-source solutions for:

Kit Development

Choose from a complete line of standard kits as well as custom kits designed by our in-house product development team.

Courier Services

From pick up, to delivery, to data: Our global network uses the latest GPS technology for the most precise route optimization.

Courier Management Technology

Drive your critical healthcare logistics and transport functions to success — from courier scheduling to route optimization and supply tracking, to sample reconciliation and reporting.

Inventory Management

Our Partner-Managed Inventory program provides automatic replenishment of specimen collection kits and supplies using web-based inventory management systems.

Client Supply Distribution

Expedite your distribution needs with ease with our state-of-the-art, climate-controlled distribution facilities.

Client Supply Technology

Our comprehensive web-based technology platform is specifically designed to help you effectively manage all your clients’ pre-analytical supply and specimen management needs.

Temperature Control

Eliminate temperature excursions with our high-quality temperature-controlled experience for enhanced cold chain logistics.

Business Insights

Unleash the power of intelligent decision-making with a unified solution to eliminate silos, giving you the critical information needed to create new efficiencies across your entire organization.

Print, Promo, & Creative Services

We offer full-scale printing capabilities, promotional products, and creative services.


BioTouch’s uniquely integrated service capabilities help you simplify everything from medical kitting and supply distribution to printing and logistics, as well as temperature-controlled and last-mile services.

Kits shipped annually
Collection devices shipped annually
Courier stops annually
On-Time Specimen Delivery

Handle it all with more care™

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BioTouch simplifies the processing of samples with intuitive tracking technology, dedicated drivers, world-class customer service, and industry-expert support.